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Sample Proclamation


The following is "suggested" wording to help get many more proclamations. It just makes sense; if someone does the work for the official, the chances are much higher that a proclamation will be issued. The officials are very busy and  proclamation are not one of their highest concerns. 


Start the process as soon as possible to give them as much times as possible


International Clown Week  August 1 - 7, 2018 Proclamation


To:    Name of Official 

From:  _____________ would like to request a proclamation for National Clown Week


Please send the proclamation to:


Possible wording on the proclamation might be:


Whereas clowns have long been known as ambassadors of joy and good will and bring happiness to both joy and good will and bring happiness both to children and adults and:


Where as: In recognition to the charitable activities of clowns and the wholesome entertainment they provide for all of our citizens: "National Clown Week" has been proclaimed for the week of August 1 thru August 7, 2018, and Now there for I, _____________  proclaim the week of August 1 thru 7 " National Clown Week" 


For additional information on National Clown Week, check out the website at


Thanks in Advance

Your Name and Your Clown Name and your Your Clown Group



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