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Sample Press Release

Here's a sample press release you can adapt and use. Depending on your computer, you might be able to paste this into a word-processing document and adapt it even further. Thanks again for participating!

National Clown Week  August 1 - 7, 2018 Press Release


From August 1 thru August 7, 2018, hundreds of clowns will be clowning around all of the USA, as part of International Clown Week - August 1 - 7, 2018.


Each clown will be donating an hour of their time for a good cause in their community. They will be twisting or face paint or just clowning around. Every thing is free of charge or exchanged for a donation to the charity. It's an event that allows people to both showcase a fun art as well as to give back to their communities.


In ______(fill in your community here)_______, _____(your name here)_______ will be sharing their skills at the _____(location)_____. (You may want to provide a short quote here.)


"A Smile is a terrible thing to waste!" said organizer - Debbie aka DaMissus the Clown of Springfield, Virginia "It's a way of changing the world - a little bit of fun at a time."


Hundreds of clowns participated during 2017's International Clown Week - in schools, libraries, and hospitals. They clowned around in malls, on the street, and even in grocery stores...all for fun, all for free.


Clowning around was observed in many countries around the world . 


Again this year, the folks from Clown Resource Directory have joined the fun officially by hosting the National Clown Week website!


For the uninitiated, Clown Resource Directory is where the Internet meets the Clowning



Sponsored by the website

(A directory of Internet resources for use by Clowns wanting to be better Clowns and people who want to be clowns)/p>